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Mac owners will finally be able to use Skype for Business, which was formerly known as Lync. Microsoft staffers Paul Cannon and Praveen Maloo told customers that they will have a first class experience while making edge-to-edge video calls and share full immersive content.

Microsoft has also introduced the option to conduct PowerPoint presentations during Skype meetings on Android and iOS, and users will select those files from a cloud location, then share them using swipe gestures. Video-based Screen Sharing (VbSS) technology is the new method introduced in Skype for Business on Android and iOS to stream video content, and the Microsoft staff has explained that “The initial setup is much faster, the experience more reliable, while also consuming network bandwidth efficiently. It provides a seamless viewing experience, especially if you are sharing animated content such as CAD models.”

Soon, Skype for Business on iOS will receive CallKit integration, which will allow Skype calls to appear as regular calls on iPhones. It seems that Apple has already brought CallKit in iOS 10, before releasing its latest iPhone 7. However, Microsoft won’t stop here, as it plans to make more changes to consumer Skype mobile apps for the two platforms. The Call Phones tab was relabeled Calls and from there, users have access to all Skype calling types. In addition, when a person who starts a group call leaves, the discussion will continue between the remaining participants, which means that the conference will no longer be interrupted.

A few days ago, the Skype team has announced that the application will continue to support traditional voicemail delivery, but “custom voicemail greetings, email notifications and SMS transcription will no longer be available.”

Mac owners who want to install Skype for Business will find the application here. The installation file has 35.9 MB in size and users just need to click the Download button, then Save to copy the disc image file to their Mac, double click the PKG image file and follow the on screen instructions.