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Today, 27TH October Sony Interactive Entertainment has rolled-out a new system software update for the Play Station 4. The update can be downloaded from the PlayStation Network. The update is meant to improve the PS4’s system performance and also make some changes to security, especially the firmware. The last firmware update that Sony sent out to Play Station 4 owners was last month. The 4.0 “Shingen” update that had only one focus, to add HDR support for PS4 consoles, some UI changes and also customizable folders and with this new update the PS4 console should have a more stable system performance.

The 4.05 update is the size of around 312.1 MB, and it was made available for all regions of the world. If you didn’t receive the upgrade yet, you can check for the update manually by accessing the Settings menu.

Play Station 4 owners should not get too excited about this new update, because it will not do that much to improve their experience with the console.

The last major update that Sony sent out to the consoles was back in September. That update actually changed the users experience with the console. It brought changes to PlayStation Music, making it so the user wasn’t required to leave the game he was on to change or pause the song he was playing at the moment. The What’s New screen received a new update and the content info screen was redesigned as well, also the support for Twitch, YouTube and Dailymotion applications.

Anyways the update is well received and Play Station 4 owners can hope that their Play Station console will be at a more stable level with this patch added, the next update that Sony will release will be filled with more updates to enhance the users experience.

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