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Rumors pointed out since the beginning of May that Apple is going to release the iPad Air 3 in the middle of October, but as of now rumors have changed. These new fresh rumors are saying that the new iPad Air 3 is going to be released in March 2017.

iPad Air 3

Rumors speculate that the new iPad Air will come to consumers in three different versions. The first one is going to be of 64GB internal storage capacity, the second one will have 128GB of internal memory and the third one will have 256GB of storage space. The operating system will more than likely run the newly released iOS 10, and this will put it already at an advantage over its predecessor, because of what the user interface iOS 10 brings. The size of the display screen is going to be the 9.7 inch screen with a display resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. Regarding the chipset it will have three options, the A10 chipset, the A9 or the A9x chipset. The thickness of the tablet is going to be 6.1 mm, the same value as its predecessor, the chassis will be made from aluminum, the same way that the iPad Pro 9.7’s has.

Apple Killing the Air Brand?

There have been reports of Apple stopping the line production of the iPad Air 3, some people are starting to believe that the new Pro tablet is going to be the next big project for Apple, while other people are saying this is just a marketing scheme, to improve their sales. The next tablet Apple drops has to be something new and impressive, since their tablet sales have dropped by a big percentage, because of the handier phablets on the market. The Apple savant Ming-Chi Kou stated that he is expecting for Apple to re-start the iPad Pro products coming 2017.

Release Date

Apple fans were expecting the tablet to drop in October or November, but it seems that they will release the new iPad Air 3 around March 2017. Rumors are saying that Apple are switching their focus to the iPad Pro tablet, the iPad Pro 12.9 tablet to be specific, and this might be reason why the iPad Air 3’s release date is being delayed until 2017.