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Pangu is a Chinese team of developers that are known for working on Jailbreaking applications for Apple’s iOS mobile device software. Users have been relying on Pangu to provide the means necessary to crack Apple’s latest OS efforts, specifically the iOS 10. After confirming some time ago that iOS Jailbreaking is in the works, Pangu has maintained silent and Apple users are led to believe that Pangu is playing a waiting game with the iOS developer.

In the meantime, users are looking into other ways in which they can jailbreak their devices, and surprisingly, there are quite a few.


iPhone 6S users and above can use a software called Tinyumbrella to downgrade their device’s OS to 9.3. This procedure is called a roll back and it can be very helpful for those that do not enjoy the state of the official iOS 10 look and feel, and prefer the old OS, iOS 9. Downgrading is not something Apple is encouraging, so if you do it, it is at your own risk, but using Tinyumbrella should guarantee your downgrade occurs with no problems.

Cydia Alternative

Cydia is an app that allows users to install all kind of other apps that are not normally present or supported by iOS, but requires your device to be jailbroken. You can think of it as an alternative app store. Cydia is one of the main reasons people jailbreak their devices, but there are ways you can get those apps without having to jailbreak your phone. The solution is to simply replace Cydia. One such alternative is an app called Mojo. The cool thing about Mojo is that it requires no jailbreaking whatsoever, meaning that you don’t have to trade your device’s integrity or even warranty for some flashy new apps. Most apps and app categories that are available on Cydia can also be found on Mojo.

There are just some ways in which you can alternate your current iOS 10 software, but there is always the option of waiting for Pangu or another developer to release the iOS 10 jailbreak.

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