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The new Apple iOS 10 has already received an update called iOS 10.1. This is available for all Apple devices still compatible with the new iOS 10, the devices that are compatible with iOS 10 are: iPhone 5 onwards, iPad 2 or later, iPad mini 2 or later, iPad Pro and the last generation of iPod touch.

Apple users that want to upgrade their devices to iOS 10.1 and didn’t receive the prompt to automatically update can do this manually without any difficult steps. The update can be triggered by accessing Settings-General-Software Update.

The size of the iOS 10.1 update changes its value, depending on which product the user is updating. The file size can go from 1.6GB, that is for the new iPhone 7 to a size of 200MB, for the iPod touch.

Owners that have an iOS 9 jailbreak on their phone, should be advised to be careful about updating to iOS 10.1. The new iOS 10 has not yet been jailbroken. Rumors are showing that the Chinese hacker group called Pangu, might be releasing a new tool to help with the jailbreaking of iOS 10.

The most talked about feature that the iOS 10.1 brings, is the Portrait Mode. This feature will come only to the iPhone 7 Plus, and this only because the Portrait mode requires the phone to have two rear cameras so it can mimic the shallow depth of field, giving a look that only DSLR cameras could bring until now.

Portrait Mode is still in beta and has a few bugs. Some framing errors that will result in blurred pictures. The mode also requires the photographer to find a sweet spot to take the picture so it looks the way it should, and show the depth of the field.

The new iOS 10.1 improves devices Bluetooth connectivity, upgraded Music and Activity syncing for the Apple Watch, and also a new workout designed for wheelchair users. The upgrade also brought many bug fixes, for example they fixed the crashes for Safari or formatting bugs in Mail.