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People naturally assumed that when Bethesda released the final Fallout 4 DLC, the game was done. However, it appears the developer will offer more support for the game. In fact, Bethesda released a new Fallout 4 patch that affects every platform and versions.

Update 1.7.19 updates the mods, but there has been no information released about what this means. The company did note earlier that it would boost the moderation tools for its mod authors.

Bethesda said the update addresses several issues that were seen with the newest Fallout 4 FLC. For instance, the Nuka-World had a strange bug that related to The Ground Tour mission. Players were unable to finish the mission if Gage was their active companion when the quest started.

The update addressed that odd bug.

While there were two other DLC issues fixed with the update, no changes were announced about them other than they were made in the Contraptions Workshop and Far Harbor.

The patch is available on the PS4, which doesn’t have the feature mod support – Bethesda has blamed Sony for that issue. The company said Sony would not let mods work like Bethesda thought they should. Sony has proposed limitations for mod usage on its PS4 game players.

Will Sony backtrack and let Bethesda bring mods to the platform? However, what can be expected is that Fallout 4 will come with an array of patches for the near future.

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