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Microsoft Windows 10 is the latest installment in the long list of operating systems provided by the well known company. Some versions have been OK, some have absolutely terrible, and others have been just great. It’s time for Windows 10 to settle in one of those brackets, and from the start, one problem everyone is concerned with when it comes to Windows 10 is Privacy.

There have been talks recently about Microsoft being involved spyware activities due to the large amount of user data they retrieve through their most connected version of the OS to date. While there a lot of privacy settings available both before and after installation, most users do not thoroughly investigate them, and they don’t come turned on or off by default in the manner that users might like them to be.

If you are among the people concerned with their security, maybe you should take a minute to check out this anti-spy software that can put your heart at ease:

  • One of the tools you can use to alter the privacy options that come with Windows 10 is called DoNotSpy, which allows users to deactivate the tracking features from Windows 10
  • Another program literally dedicated to destroying Windows 10 spying is called just that: Destroy Windows 10 Spying. This nifty little tool disables privacy settings that might otherwise not be in your best interest or to your convenience to keep running.
  • Similar to the previous application presented, Disable Win Tracking lets you disable or enable privacy options, but in a more simplistic manner, only having four options to choose from.
  • Quite the opposite of Disable Win Tracking, the next application is called Windows 10 Privacy Fixer and offers a large array of controls and options which you can play with.

These applications offer an alternative to the Windows 10 privacy options that come with the operating system. They are all free and you can try them to see which best suits your style and needs.