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Several weeks back, iOS 10 was released to the public. And, since that time, there have been two updates released. The second full release makes the software compatible with the iPhone 5and following versions along with iPad devices. Still, hackers, like those with the Pangu and TaiG teams, may be working on a jailbreak for iOS 10.0.2.

Apple’s latest update release is allegedly not in response to the rumors circulating about Lucas Todesco cracking the iOS 10 and offering a jailbreaking tool for the software. It’s true that when the iOS 10.0.2 was initially released, there were some issues with it.

For instance, the Lightning Earpods malfunctioned, which meant users made had some intermittent problems with the audio. It also experienced problems with the photos, as it would unexpectedly quit when the iPhone Cloud Library was used. Another problem was with the app extensions.

These developments have suggested Pangu needs to hurry with its iOS 10 jailbreaking tool. However, it appears that Todesco may have already proven to have a jailbreak tool for the iOS 10 software, via his Twitter account and a picture. It’s created controversy with the Apple user community and raised questions. According to some critics, it’s not an actual jailbreak, and the image shows Cydia 1.1.26 is installed.

Apple Continues To Stay Busy

The company is still, despite releasing a second full update for the iOS 10, could come up with more updates to the software. It’s still offering tweaks in the software’s infrastructure, even if they are slight tweaks.

Of course, one has to wonder if Pangu is going to be able to come up with an iOS 10.0.2. jailbreaking tool before the company comes out with a whole new iOS.