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Over 30 million messages are sent daily and the introduction of end-to-end encryption has increased users’ trust in this application. The number of active users is also increasing from a day to another, because more and more people are creating a WhatsApp account to keep in touch with their friends, colleagues and families. There are many tips and tricks to improve user experience and today we will teach you how to take full advantage of the app’s features.

Edit WhatsApp Picture Messages

One of the new features that were added recently gives you the possibility to doodle on and edit your pictures, then to send them to your friends. To do that, open a conversation, tap the camera icon sitting next to the text-entry field and choose the image you want to edit from the gallery. At the top right you’ll find icons for cropping the image, adding a sticker, entering text or drawing on it. After finishing editing your picture, tap Send.

Tag Users In Group Messages

When you’re trying to get the attention of some member of a group, type @ and select his/her name from the list that will appear. That person will be notified that he/she was tagged even if the conversation was muted.

Format Text

In version 2.12.535 (Android) and 2.12.17 (iOS), WhatsApp introduced formatting support, and to make the text bold, put it between asterisks (*bold*), to transform it into italic, put it between underscores (_italics_) and to add a strikethrough, the text will have tildes in front and at the end of it (~tilde~).

Hide Last Seen

If you don’t want your friends to know that you were online and you didn’t want to reply to their messages, then disable the timestamp and you will avoid unpleasant situations. Just go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen Timestamp and select Nobody.

Disable Read Receipts

Another thing that you can do to left alone by stalkers is to disable the timestamp feature, which will allow you to read their messages without letting them know that. Unfortunately, if other contacts have this feature enabled, you will not know if they have read your messages, either. So, to disable Read receipts, go to Settings > Account > Privacy and toggle the “Read Receipts” option off.