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If you search online and type in “WhatsApp blue”, you will find links to download this WhatsApp version that is also referred to as the “WhatsApp alternative”. This is said to be a modified version of WhatsApp messenger and can be downloaded and installed on your smartphone, Android or iPhone.

Just like the original WhatsApp messaging app, WhatsApp Blue offers the same features and at the same time, a better version but unofficial. This is also a cross-platform messaging app that allows users to exchange text messages for free, via WiFi connection. The features of this WhatsApp alternative include new send button, updated launcher icon, WACA v2 Ticks and new icons for incoming and missed calls, among others.

Downloading is also easy but it is not via Google Play Store but from other sources. WhatsApp download center does not also have this version but with its name, it will not come as a surprise if unsuspecting app enthusiasts will try to download it from the official website.

There have been talks as well that while this is not an official version from WhatsApp, a ban was never put on WhatsApp Blue Edition. This might even lead WhatsApp users to believe this version is better than the original Whatsapp messenger.

However, there have also been reports that this is a scam. The WhatsApp Blue version came out in 2015 and the first version was v1.5 Mod with the latest being v1.7 Antiban + Mod APK. It is also recommended that the original WhatsApp app be uninstalled before installing this version.

In terms of being a scam, reports say that WhatsApp Blue Edition is nothing more than a survey of sorts. It is said that the clueless potential user will be given a set of online surveys to answer and eventually give out personal information.

Whether downloading WhatsApp Blue Edition is secure or this messaging up is just another hoax, it pays to know what are the WhatsApp viruses and scams to know what to avoid.