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Like other messaging apps, Viber is constantly making changes in the way it delivers their services. Just last month, the company launched a new scheme in Kathmandu to give Nepali users a taste of the app’s capabilities. Recently, it partnered with WebMoney Transfer for easy top ups.

From September 8 to 19, Viber users in Kathmandu were able to use the app in Free Viber Zones launched across the municipality. Nepali users were able to use unique services and facilities that the company offers. Public chats that allow brands, organizations, and influencers to engage with their fans and followers.

Nepali stickers have also been added to the growing Viber Sticker Market, making it easier for users to express themselves in other ways than words/text. They can also make unlimited free call, text, and video calls. As long as it is within designated Wi-Fi spots, they can use Viber services as much as they want. Unlimited free internet services are also available in these zones powered by Subisu, a wireless and cable internet provider in Kathmandu.

Since October 8, Free Viber Zones have offered exclusive new services in 5 hot spots – City Centre, Cafe de Craft in Shantinagar, DigiTech Kathmandu, New Road, Lalitpur Mall, and the Nimantrana Restaurant of Kathmandu Mall. This means the 800 million unique users worldwide will increase with more Nepali users added to the list.

More users are likely to consider Viber now that account top up has been made easier with Viber Out linked with WebMoney Transfer, taking care of additional charges needed to make calls to mobile numbers and landline.

To add funds through WebMoney Transfer, simply select Viber Out from the ‘Payment for services’ menu. Type in the phone number and the amount, and you’re done. So now, which free messenger app is better to use between WeChat and Viber?