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One of the most anticipated products to be released this year is the Surface Pro 5. A product made by Microsoft Corp, the Surface Pro 5 comes with an array of amazing features. According to sources, this is the lineup manufactured by Microsoft destined to beat the MacBook Pro.

Release Date

Well, there wouldn’t be so much hype on this upcoming device if it wasn’t for the success of its predecessor – the Surface Pro 4. The increasing demand of the Surface Pro 5 has probably been due to the announcement made by Microsoft to unveil the new device upon the launching of the Windows 10 event in October 2016. However, reports have suggested that this device will only be released to the public in the fall of 2017.

Spec Updates

There will be several models to be released for the Surface Pro 5, which include basic Core i3 to Core i7. This will be released with lots of RAM as well as internal storage. According to reliable sources, the said device will have the same display features as the 2016 MacBook.


It is also been speculated that the new Surface Pro 5 might even be lighter than the Mac. Moreover, it will be a much thinner device compared to its predecessor. If you are so particular about the design, you could never go wrong with this new device.

Charging and Camera Features

The Surface Pro 5 is expected to feature a USB-C port that should speed up the charging process as well as the data transfer. More so, it will come with better camera features with minor tweaks in its components.

Surface Pen

More updates come with the Surface Pen, which is a stylus that is cleverly matched with the Surface Pro 5 tablet. This revamp feature will be wireless when attached via a magnet to the table. Although it is attached magnetically, it is not rechargeable. It gets its power from an AAAA alkaline battery.