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Google has confirmed that when it releases Chrome version 53, it will no longer offer Adobe Flash Player support.

Anthony Laforge, Chrome’s Flash curator, said 90 percent of web loads contain Flash with various functions that include Page Analytics. However, Flash is leaving its users vulnerable to various security issues.

Why HTML5 Is Better Than Flash Player

Many reputable companies have decided to abandon Flash Player for HTML 5 for their web content. Why? HTML5 appears to be much more secure, doesn’t take as long to load content and doesn’t use as much power.

According to Google, Chrome version 53 will be released in December 2016, using HTML5 solely for the default experience. The idea is to ensure browser users have a faster, secure way to scroll through the Internet. Google said the Flash Player from Adobe is loaded with security problems and bugs, but the premise is to ensure personal information is protected.

Google Isn’t The Only Company To Abandon Flash Player

Chrome is only one of many browsers who’ve opted to ditch Adobe Flash Player. Mozilla Firefox recently announced it would start blocking Flash content from appearing in its browser. Alex Stamos, Facebook’s chief security officer, asked Adobe to provide a date on when it would stop its support of Flash Player, allowing other software developers to prepare themselves for HTML5.