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If you’re looking to install QuickTime 10 on your fresh Windows 10 running PC, or have recently swapped out your PC for a Mac, and find that QuickTime, one of your most important tools back on Mac OS X is missing, this guide will help you get what you need just by following a few easy steps.

  • The first thing you have to do is go to the QuickTime website and download the installer. Once you get to the website download page, select the location where you would like the computer to save the file, and then start the download.
  • Once it finishes the download, go to its location on your computer and double click the installer. This will bring up a setup wizard that will guide you through the installation process.
  • The first thing you’ll see is the program presenting a few aspects about it, followed by the Next option, as well as the Cancel option. Cancel is when you have changed your mind, so if you want to continue installing QuikcTime, press Next.
  • The next step is to read the terms and agreement that the other party provides. Once you are finished, you can click on the Next option once again, and proceed to the next step.
  • Next up, we have installation methods. You can either opt for the Typical option, which will install the program into the default location with the default features, or the Custom option, which will let you personally choose out these details. If you are not used to installing programs, you can select the Typical option and proceed to the next step without having to worry about settings.
  • The only thing left is to go to the next step and press the Install button. You can choose whether or not you want an icon shortcut on your desktop as well. Once the installation process is finished, click Finish and that’s it.

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