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Both Microsoft and Sony are working to increase the competition bar even higher with the “S” tier versions of the Xbox and PS4. These slimmed down version consoles may look similar, but are definitely different. If you’re not sure which one you should go with, it’s time to learn what you’d get from each one.

PS4 Pro vs. Xbox Scorpio Specifications

Both consoles have been touted as high-end devices, but it appears that only one is better than the higher in terms of high-end.

The PS4 Pro is equipped with an eight-core, x86-64 AMD Jaguar central and processing unit 4 TFLOP graphics processing unit, which is much better than the PS4 1.8 teraflops.  If the Scorpio rumors are true, it means the Scorpio will have a 6 TFLOPS. Of course, the higher the teraflops, the more computational power there is. This makes the Scorpio from Microsoft better.

Microsoft has yet to release any official information about the hardware, but Sony said the PS4 is getting a better GDDR5 121 8GB/sec memory although this could change.

PS4 Pro vs. Xbox Scorpio 4K Functionality

Both consoles will include 4K functionality, with the difference being that Sony will not support 4K UHD Blu-ray discs, which comes as a surprise to Microsoft.

Albert Penello works in Xbox’s planning division, and he said it was a surprising decision not to include a 4K disc player considering Sony’s background in media. He said it was a move that nobody really could have predicted.

When Will They Be Released?

Sony had a real advantage on release date, as it’s supposed to happen Nov. 10. Microsoft has not made an announcement on when it would release its Scorpio console. According to rumors, the hardware is still being developed, which means it could have 2017 holiday release date. There’s potential that it’ll be pushed to 2018, which gives Sony an even bigger edge.

What Kind Of Price Range Could Consumers Expect?

Sony is going to keep with tradition and stick to the $399 price, and will even come with bundles. Microsoft’s Scorpio will cost about $580 and may even exceed $650. It’s a tremendous price gap and one that, if Microsoft doesn’t hurry and release its console, could face an even bigger price disparity since Sony could drop the price of its PS4 Pro when the Xbox Scorpio is finally released.

What Does It All Mean?

If you’re looking for a great gaming console this holiday season, the PS4 Pro will be your only choice. However, if you’re not a Sony fan and/or don’t mind the wait, you can save your money up for Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio for when it does get released.