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Have you ever played the game that brought about $16 million a day for its creators at Niantic? Well, at least that was since its launching in July 2016. By mid-September though, revenues had declined to just $2 million. What do you think happened?

Well, this might be a normal phenomenon for mobile games, wherein declines are inevitable, especially when it triggered worldwide craze. There should be a decline in the course of usage over time. But, it might be a different area for Pokemon Go. Here are things that triggered its decline.

It Didn’t Have A Clear Path to Keep Users Excited

According to sources, it has not been an issue of how to get as many players to sign up. However, it is in trying to keep them interested. There were reportedly no new elements to keep them from getting bored in the first place.

Removal of Popular Features

Aside from its failure to introduce exciting new features, it actually removed famous ones. Pokemon Go players should likely be pushed away, particularly when its creators have made little explanation why they have done that.

Lack of Communication

One of the game’s decline was attributed to the lack of communication. Although the removal of Pokemon tracking might be a company decision to make, the problem lies in the failure to inform the public that they are going to make changes in the game. Hence, there should be a risk in the players losing confidence in Pokemon Go.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps Pokemon Go developers might expand to other markets adding more in-game features than usual and not removing them. Likewise, it might be profitable to increase social events such as putting the rare Pokemons in areas that may have other game-related activities. This should increase user engagement and might drive interest to potential users.