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There are three mobile phone operating systems that people tend to think about:

  • iOS 10
  • Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary
  • Android Nougat

Of course, people often wonder what the differences are between them – what makes one better than the other.  Here’s a look at each one:

iOS 10

iPhones are known, thanks to the camera, for their clear images. And, with the latest update to the iOS, the photo management system is even better. Today, photos can be can group faces and create a slideshow – something already seen in Google Photos.
Siri, Apple’s assistant software, is usable with third-party apps, allowing users to use non-exclusive Apple apps. When it comes to iOS 10, there are significant improvements with its messaging. Message threads now have icons and animations and the ability to use handwritten messages for personal touches.

The interface of iOS 10 is not much different from iOS 9, but it offers a better 3D Touch feature. This lets users get into important functions without opening apps and, yes, widgets are available.

Android Nougat

Android is still one of the most popular software available since there are a plethora of Android phone users. Google has not made it easy for rivals to surpass them. And, it’s made it even more difficult with its latest Android Nougat or Android N.

Android Nougat launched Aug. 22, with a host of features that surpass even Marshmallow 6.0. It offers a multi-window mode along with the split-screen multitasking features for a better user experience. With the multi-window mode, users can use more than one app at a time. The Android Instant apps let the user use apps without installation and getting rid of it later on. There’s also a Doze feature that will save the battery life, new notifications and a quick settings menu.

These are not features you see with the iOS phones.

Android N also has two similar features to the iOS app – including its new icon shortcuts and the integration of the Google Assistant “Allo,” which is a stand-alone messaging app. Allo allows users to explore the Internet and play videos within the app.

Google has taken things to a whole new level with its new font and wide space.

Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update

There are many features people come to expect with the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update including the Windows Hello authentication feature, a better Cortana and a new look for the Windows Store. It now includes voice-assistant interactions even if the screen is locked and can show notifications from apps when the Lock-Screen is on. Compared to the Android N, the OS can support live tiles and folders on the home screen.  There are two key screens, compared to several of them in Android N.

There are other noteworthy features of the Windows 10 OS such as new emojis, new apps and the Windows Ink aspect (pen and stylus-friendly design).