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Dubbed as the best-selling PC game to date, Minecraft enables players to build structures from textured cubes in a world procedurally generated in 3D. Upon its release for the first time, it has received various praises from fans and critics alike. In fact, it has earned a nomination and won different accolades and awards.

As of June 2016, it has released a major update named the Frostburn Update. Within this update, some features were added including variants of the zombie or skeleton in deserts and snowy biomes. Likewise, it added some polar bears, structure blocks used for loading/saving structures in worlds, and a feature called auto-jump.

This version of the update is 1.10, which was revealed shortly after the 1.9 Combat Update was released to the public in June. According to sources, the Frostburn Update was one of the fastest updates of the game to date.

Here are some of the additions made to the game:

  • 18 new sound events, and 2 new ambient sounds,
  • An auto-jump option, which is enabled by default, automatically makes the players jump if they are running over a single block tall obstacle,
  • 3 new mobs, namely the polar bears, husks as variant of the zombies, and strays as variant of the skeletons,
  • Fossils, 5 new blocks, 4 new splashes, 1 new particle called fallingdust, and 1 new command /teleport,
  • 4 new NBT tags, namely FallFlying, ZombieType, ParticleParam1, and ParticleParam2.

Some changes were also made to the game, including:

  • Huge amount of changes made to world generation,
  • Structure blocks can now be utilized in the game,
  • Mobs can now shoot even when they are onboard a boat,
  • Ender pearls and chorus fruit can now teleport players from ridable pigs and horses,
  • Endermen can now spawn in Nether,
  • Magma cubes are able to spawn twice as often,
  • Wolves will not despawn anymore, and
  • Skeletons can now shoot arrows using their off-hand.

These might just be a few of the significant Minecraft updates made by the developers to tickle the fancy of the fans.