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Modders are known to target open-world games, and Mafia’s 3 game world is not being over looked. With every game that has a big community and a strong fan base the same thing happens. The game releases, players finish it and then look to get new experiences with the game. Another factor regarding mod creation is the size of the map, and Mafia 3 has fairly sized map. Most common mods that pop-up are mods that allow the player to teleport or the rag doll mode and many more mods.

At the moment Mafia 3 managed to gather a considerable amount of mods, the estimated number is 30, this is a big number if keeping in consideration that the game was released just one month ago. These are three of the most popular Mafia 3 at the moment:

The Rag-doll Corpse Mod

This is mod is so popular because of the reaction it gets from the civilian AI in Mafia 3, the mod allows the player to use their character as a rag-doll, and it actually scares the AI leading to many funny moments. Also keep in mind that if you pretend that you are dead the police will start investigating and will come for you. This mod was created by the user name Josh and is a very funny mode for pranks, and it can serve as a Haloween special.

The Slow Motion Mode

This mod was created by the user called Slandernimo, thus earning the name Slandernimo’s mod. The mod allows the players to slow time, even while driving. Using this mode the player can take his time while aiming for people heads, and everything moves in slow motion, even car  crashes or explosions.

The Teleportation Mode

This Mafia 3 mod was created by BabaRaw, and it allows the player to travel across the map without any effort required. Keep in mind that using this mode, new players won’t get to experience the beautiful sights that Mafia 3 has to offer, and the car driving mechanics as well.