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Owned by a Japanese company named NHN, which is also responsible for one of their country’s biggest search engines, namely Naver, LINE is a messenger application that resembles other popular communication apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat or even the Messenger app from Facebook. With the LINE app recently reaching build 6.8.1, a new set of updates have been implemented, enhancing the overall user experience.

  • With the new update, users will be able to save things thanks to the Keep function, which will let them hold on to things they cherish;
  • LINE users can also initiate free voice and video calls towards other LINE users, making it extremely convenient’
  • LINE implemented its own social network interface, meaning that you can chat and stay connected to your friend’s life experiences all in the same place;
  • No need to choose between friends, and which buddy you call, as LINE allows you to start group calls where you can invite all your friends and have a grand get-together, all at the touch of a virtual button;
  • The Sticker Shop has also received an update with more variation to choose from when expressive yourself through fun imagery;
  • There are many apps that have received LINE compatibility, meaning that you can connect said apps directly to your LINE account, making your tasks easier than ever.

LINE was already a service that offers a lot of valuable functions like the ability to add friend into the mix through an array of ways including the more traditional methods like using their phone number, but also more extravagant ones, like using QR codes. However, this new update will prove that LINE has become even more satisfactory than before, with even more options to choose from and ways to connect to your friends and family.

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