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The world of minecrafting is going to get better for players. It turns out that two of the most popular gaming consoles are offering some pretty sweet deals for Minecraft fans. For example, the Xbox two bundles from the Microsoft Store gives you a 500GB Xbox One S with Minecraft for $300. This deal is for a limited time only, so you better grab it soon if you want to take advantage of this package.

As for PS4 users, Sony is giving an early Christmas gift to gamers. The title Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 1: The Order of the Stone is now free to play. They are also giving discounts for the season pass, adventure pass, and season pass deluxe of episode 1. And this isn’t just for the PS4, but for the PS3 as well.

These great deals will appeal to Minecraft fans as well as to those who are still deciding whether they should get the Xbox One or the PS4. The competition between these two consoles has been going on for quite some time already, with the former leading in U.S. sales consecutively in the past 3 months. However, the former still has the top spot when it comes to global sales. But with these sweet offerings they have introduced for Minecraft, which is currently one of the most popular games with tens of millions of players around the world, the competition can just get even bigger.

The game is constantly adding new items, patches, and features. Just last month, Minecraft received the 1.11 update, while the 1.36 version arrived in the beginning of October. These upgrades brought plenty of new improvements and fixes. It’s no wonder that fans of the game continue to patronize the world of blocks and crafting. So which sweet deal from the console giants are you going to get?