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What the iOS 10, Android Nougat and Windows 10 Mobile anniversary update have in common is they power the smartphones of today and they also happen to be the latest releases from their respective makers. To top it all off, all three of these were released this year. But while they are all mobile operating systems, they are capable of different things.

iOS 10

With this latest OS, users need only raise their phone in order to wake it. Apple has done away with the “Slide to unlock” feature and replaced it with “Press Home to open.”

Lock screen notifications have been made better as well. You no longer need to open your phone in order to reply to messages or accept invitations. Clearing all notifications has been made easier with 3D Touch.

Although Apple still hasn’t made a fully waterproof phone, the water detection feature of iOS 10 makes it easier to avoid damage.

Android Nougat

In an effort to lure more enterprise customers, Google has now included split-screen capability into Android N. Simply put, this means the phone can now support true multitasking.

Apple debuted its Quick Reply (where users can respond to messages without leaving the current screen) function with the iOS 8. While that feature only worked with their iMessage App, Google is taking it up a notch and making their Direct Replay Notifications available for other apps.

Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update

Apple introduced the tap to pay function years ago and Windows 10 is now coming up with its own version. However, users need to have the Lumia 650, 950 or 950 XL for this to work as well as be a member of the seven supported banks.

Cortana, the phone’s voice assistant, is loaded with new features and the most notable being the ability to search for your phone using another device.

Other changes include a new shortcut for the camera app as well as support for panoramic view.

The iOS 10, Android Nougat and Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update are what powers the best smartphones on the planet these days. They allow users a boatload of things on devices that fit right into the pocket. Choosing which one best suits you is surely a difficult matter, but simply knowing what you want out of your device helps you make a decision.