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With maps from over 220 countries made available at the touch of a finger, Maps is one of the leading navigation apps available, and it the newest build is here.  Some of the features  included with Maps are GPS voice directions and the ability to see photos and reviews of landmarks and places in the world, as seen and experienced by other people, so after get direction for that fancy new restaurant, you can check out a few photos  and see how the place actually looks like.

Google Maps is free of charge and is compatible with pretty much any Android device, performance being affected however by how powerful your phone is and also what kind of internet connection you have at your disposal. The app is available for download from Google’s Play Store.

Here are some of the features that come with the newest build of Google Maps:

  • Accurate and detailed information about locations in 220 countries, making it viable in virtually the entire world.
  • The availability of voice guidance, voice directions and indications, perfect for when you are driving or otherwise in a position that doesn’t allow you to constantly check your phone.
  • Information regarding the transportation infrastructure of over 15.000 cities and towns around the world, making Maps a tourist’s best friend.
  • Real time news and reports of traffic incidents and traffic conditions, as well as the featuring of instant rerouting in case of incapability to follow the original configuration.
  • Over 100 million locations are documented and can be found on the Maps app, so if you’re looking for a specific restaurant or hotel, gas station, etc., you have a pretty good chance at finding it.
  • Streetview is another function that allows you to see real time images of places you find on Maps and want to closer inspect.