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Responsive design, despite what people may think, has been around for quite some time now. It’s helped allow people to view an array of content on various devices much better. It wouldn’t be fun to look right into the screen to read the “fine print” of blogs, contracts or terms of services.

Email responsive design has certainly seen an increase in the last few years. According to a Salesforce survey, in June 2016, the design use increased by 50 percent. The increase isn’t that much of a surprise, as the study noted email responsive design lead to a 30 percent increase in clicks compared to the email non-responsive designs.

Gmail started a responsive email design in September for mobile device. The update ensures email content is easily seen on the device’s screen size. All elements of the email – hyperlinks, text and buttons – will resize automatically.

This is ideal for users. However, Gmail is offering developers tools that will assist them in formatting messages like they need to be.

These updates ensure the email experience is going to be much more comfortable and intuitive. No longer are the days when it was difficult to read text on certain devices – no longer do users need their desktop or laptop to read their emails suitably.

The update is set to roll on the mobile devices, and then web clients will start to see the changes.

Gmail is, without a doubt, a useful tool for an array of devices. After all, its app is easy to use, but you still need to maintain your security when you do use it.