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Supercell finally released the September update for Clash of Clans but this update was only released earlier this month; it was certainly worth the wait however as Supercell have released plenty of new content with the latest update.

The developer usually releases two updates per month and considering this is October, a Halloween update is not out of the question. A Halloween themed update would be the perfect time to release new troop or card skins into the game which could earn Supercell a large amount of money also if those items are found in chests.

While Supercell hasn’t officially announced this, hosting a Halloween Event would certainly be a nice way to apologise to players for the late September update. This would work to restore faith in fans and could also give them a nice pay bonus if they chose to add this element in to the update.

A Halloween Update certainly seems to be quite likely but it is also possible that Supercell would decide to just introduce a few improvements to ensure the game is well-balanced. The latest update has removed all bugs from the game and there have been no complains yet about issues with glitches or the game mechanics. It seems to be a ‘perfect’ update which makes this a good time to focus on some other aspects of the game.

Developer Supercell should make some announcements next week if they are intending to release a new update in time for Halloween; the developer usually releases some details about their updates prior to its release.