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The Candy Crush Saga is a very addictive mobile game, it managed to get hundreds of millions of downloads, it even influenced the pop culture, and it also has a TV serial on the way. Many fans of the game are looking for something to replace the game with, because it can get repetitive doing the same levels over and over. There are some Android games that might just be able to replace the Candy Crush Saga.

Jelly Blast

Jelly Blasts a free to play game, that makes its money through in-game purchases. The game resemblances the Candy Crash Saga, giving the players puzzles to solve and using colorful animations at the same time. The game is filled with different levels, increasing in difficulty as you complete them. The way the game is played is by matching shapes and using boost. It also has a leader board, which will give the player a competitive edge.

Puzzle and Dragons

A free to play game, Puzzle and Dragons has a big following in Japan. The game is one of the biggest in the match three genres. The player can damage his opponent every time they create a match, and the damage increases with every combo the players does. The game has a card-collecting feature that allows the player to grab monster to fight for them.

Triple Town

The game task the player to grow a city filled with bears. The game is free to play, and it can be very fun to play, but it does not have such a huge following like the Candy Crush Saga. The game give the player three or more game pieces to match so he can build items. A cool feature that this game has is the unlimited-turns feature. This feature can be bought in-game with real money, but it will make the experience more fun for the player.


This game has two versions, the free one that revolves around in-game purchases and the payed versions that do not have in-game purchases. The game can be bought for $2.99 USD. The player has to match corresponding numbers on a board. For example, the player can match a four with another four to make a eight, and match it with the other eight on the board.