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Google is known for staying on top of the innovation game, as well as being part of pretty much anything that goes on in the technological world, more specifically on the software side of things. Android Pay is another fair example of how Google explores a new market, with its new Android Pay application. This application is a means of making payments directly from your mobile device, on the fly.  The folks over at Google have strong competition from Apple which are bringing their own Apple Pay to the table. Google’s payment service offers fingerprint scanning functions, and considering this app is entrusted with one’s valuables, it’s no wonder.

The whole point of this app is to ensure that as a customer or client, you do not become the victim of fraud and the likes of fraud, by generating a virtual card that expires after one use and is sent directly to their servers. Stores have already begun using this system and offering subscriptions to their services with the possibility of paying through Android Pay.

This app’s “business card”, so to speak, is the amount of businesses and companies that Google has initiated a partnership with. From smaller ventures to big time corporate powerhouses, Google has managed to shake hands with over seven hundred thousand stores in the US alone. Android Pay users will be able to use the app to purchase goods from brands like McDonals or Subway. To use this app, you will be required to link it with your credit or debit card, filling in your personal card information. On that note, it is noted that Google communicates with a wide range of financial parties such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc., so the chance for your card to not be eligible are pretty slim.

In the newest Android Pay build, there are a few updates that will improve the overall ease of access no doubt.

  • Possibility of using loyalty cards and points, or gift cards.
  • Finalizing a transaction with just a simple tap.
  • Availability at a variation of popular locations.