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WhatsApp still continues to be one of the most popular messaging apps for Android and iOS users. However, recent updates have stirred controversy as people start to doubt if these are really safe.

Almost a couple of months ago, it announced that data of users will be shared to its parent company, Facebook so as to drive advertisements to this social media platform. It is to be remembered that Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 and as a result, the phone numbers of the users of the messaging app will be shared with Facebook.

While this might seem an intrusion of privacy to a number of users, if not to most, WhatsApp claims otherwise. This new development is said to enhance user experience. The company said that by allowing Facebook to link and track numbers between WhatsApp and the social network, they will be able to track basic metrics on the frequency of use of the services by users and consequently, improve them and at the same time prevent spamming.

Moreover, in terms of advertisements popping up on the screen, these will be more relevant to the messaging app user. Friend suggestions on Facebook will also be better since these recommendations are within the network of the users.

WhatsApp assures its users that private communications among users are safe and so are the updates. The latest version is the WhatsApp 2.16.312 APK for Android. While most Android users download WhatsApp from Google Play Store, it can also be downloaded directly from the WhatsApp website. As for obtaining a secure and safe update, experts recommend to only download them from reliable sources.

Meanwhile, some of the features of the latest WhatsApp update latest include chat backup on Google Drive and individual contact notifications. Users can also send zip files and PDF documents as attachments. Learn more about WhatsApp here.

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