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With everyone going crazy over the release of Nougat 7.0, most Droiders have gotten over the Marshmallow update released this year. But for some, like owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the wait is still ongoing as these devices have not received the Android Marshmallow upgrade yet. With most of the attention now on Nougat, is there still a chance for Note 3 owners to have a taste of Marshmallow?

Sources say chances are getting slimmer now that Nougat 7.0 is out. But why do some wish to remain optimistic and still hope there is a chance? Well, because Marshmallow does offer some pretty neat new features.

For example, it has Google Now on Tap, which allows you to access Now without having to close the app you are currently using. To activate this, you just have to long-press the Home button and follow the steps. Once activated, a long touch will immediately open up Now from any screen.

Aside from that, Google voice search can also now be activated directly from the Lock Screen. You also get to set to ‘on’ or ‘off’ any individual application’s access to specific phone functions. This can boost the security of your device, especially when there are plenty of Android apps full of malware. There is also the Adopted Storage feature where the new OS will treat your memory card like a part of your phone’s memory rather than as a separate storage space. As a result, you can use your memory card storage with no fuss.

With all these new cool features, Note 3 users can’t help but feel hurt that Samsung has left them out. But if you really want to experience the upgrades that go with Marshmallow, you can try installing a custom ROM. You can get the instructions here.