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Titanfall, a multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, has been released back in March 2014. The game was great, but one thing has disappointed the gamers and that was the single-player campaign. We’re pretty sure that many of the gamers would want to play this campaign with their friends.

We remind you that in the past, first-person shooters games would come with about 20-hour adventures, but now it seems that the gaming industry is changing. A good example is the newly released Battlefield 1 game that comes with five missions, but one solo-player campaign that’s composed from five well made mission threads. On the other side, Evolve and Overwatch don’t come with campaigns at all, but they are still two of the most played shooter video-games out there.

Well, it seems that Titanfall 2 will stick to the single-player campaign and you will control Jack Cooper, stock-soldier protagonist that will team up with a Titan named BT-7274. The story will focus on their relationship and it actually avoids the implications of their cause, but this will finally change in act 3.

Respawn Entertainment says that the “Call of Duty” philosophy of single-player design is to lure the player down. We have to agree with that as we can’t separate Call of Duty from other shooting games that are available now in stores. However, once you start playing Titanfall 2, you will notice that Respawn Entertainment is aiming for something different.

In Titanfall 2 you will have a mission where your character will be equipped with a wrist-mounted device that’s used for time-travelling. This device will toggle between the present and the past and to do this, you will just need to push a button. As expected, the platform you’re standing on is in the present, but the one that you want to land on only exists in the past. In the game, you will also receive an EMP gun that will unlock some a good amount of suspicious doors.

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