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If you are going to shop for a tablet, what is the first thing that you are going to consider? Well, here are two powerful tablets that you might want to ponder. On one hand, the Surface Pro 4 and on the other the iPad Pro. Which one do you think is going to win this head-to-head match? Here are a number of features that can help you measure out the overall performance of your tablet of choice.

The Design

The 12.9-inch aluminum built iPad Pro is quite large for a tablet. But, the Surface Pro 4 is also big with a 12.3-inch screen. The advantage of the Surface Pro 4 is that it has a more compact footprint.

Despite the lighter and thinner design of the iPad Pro, the Surface Pro has benefitted from its built-in kickstand. Unlike the iPad in which you have to attach a cover to let it stand, the Surface doesn’t need that much effort.

Moreover, only the Surface Pro has the full-size USB port, a microSD card slot, and a mini DisplayPort. At this point, the Surface Pro 4 seems to have an advantage in terms of design.

Audio Features

It is hard for a dual-speaker system to beat the four speakers set on a tablet. This is because iPad Pro produces louder sound and balanced audio. Likewise, the top speakers handle the high and mid frequencies, while all four produces bass.

Although the two front-speakers of the Surface Pro 4 provide good sound combination, it lacks the bass in comparison to the iPad Pro. Moreover, it is not as loud as its counterpart is.

The Keyboard

If you want to replace your laptop, it is necessary to have a keyboard to complement your Surface Pro 4. It has improved design that offers a much bigger layout. It is also backlit, so you can always use it even when the background lighting is significantly low.

The problem with the iPad Pro’s keyboard is the absence of a touchpad. Likewise, it has smaller keys and they are not lighted either. The only advantage that the Smart keyboard from Apple is the water-resistant layout design. The functionality of the Surface Pro’s keyboard makes it the top choice for critics.

The Performance

The advantage of iPad Pro in terms of performance is the A9X processor. This is because of its chip that has been referred to as the fastest ever in a tablet made by Apple. In fact, it had no problem when editing a couple streams of 4K video.

Meanwhile, the Surface Pro 4 will give buyers a wider range of options in terms of CPU, which include the 6th generation of Intel Core i3, i5, and i7. A core i5 processor on the Surface Pro 4 can easily win over the A9X chip used on the iPad Pro.

Battery Life

With the extended battery power of the iPad Pro at 10hrs 4mins, the Surface Pro 4 lags behind at 6hrs 4mins of continuous usage. In fact, you can still enjoy the whole day away from home even if you leave your charger at home.