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Fans are anticipating the upcoming release of Microsoft’s Surface Book 2. It has been a year since the original version of the hybrid laptop was launched. Thus, fans are looking for a release pattern for the upgraded version of this launch. However, there are mixed reports about the device’s delayed release. Here are some updates that might give you a heads up regarding this matter.


There were rumors running around the Web that Microsoft will unlikely release the Surface Book 2 anytime soon because it is still looking forward for the availability of the Kaby Lake processor from Intel. Reports state that this processor is capable of faster processing without affecting the battery life of a device.

Moreover, there were speculations that the company is still waiting for the Redstone 2 update for the Windows 10 operating system, expected to be released in Spring 2017.

Spec Updates

According to leaked sources, the Surface Book 2 will come with a 3D display and 4K resolution. This will also include a USB 3.1 support for quicker transfer of data. Additionally, the device might sport Office Hub and OneClip features.

In a recent report, Microsoft will release the Surface Book 2 that has a desktop-class performance brought by its Skylake hardware. This includes the NVidia GPU, 12-hour battery life, and the complete removable Windows 10 Pro display version.

Release Date

The Surface Book 2 will be released anytime next year, but it is uncertain that Microsoft will be releasing it very soon within this year. For this reason, many people have become confused if it will ever be released. Well, there is only one way to find out and that is when the hybrid laptop will finally be available to the public. Do you think there will ever be a Surface Book 2 brewing up for mass production?