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The Sims is a successful life simulation game produced by the gaming company EA. Their last game, Sims 4, did not get such a positive feedback from the players, and EA are still analyzing the information they are receiving before announcing a date for Sims 5. Sims 4 was released in 2014, and EA want to release a new DLC for the game, the “City Living” DLC, in hopes to revamp the fan base of Sims franchise.

Grant Rodiek, the producer of Sims 4 posted on The Sims Forums some features that he was thinking Sims 5 should have. After posting this, he also stated that at the moment they are not working on Sims 5 and that the sequel depends solely on the success of Sims 4.

One of the problems that Sims 4 is facing is that right now on the market there is a big competition in the life simulation genre, but still, The Sims franchise is known for paying high attention to the details an that gives them an edge over the competition. The upcoming expansion “City Life” should increase the game’s popularity and put it at the top of the list on the market. They game developers might launch more DLC before releasing Sims 5, to make sure their fanbase is still wanting a new Sims game.

The producer, Grant Rodiek, said he is reading The Sims Forum closely and is paying attention to the feedback they are receiving about Sims 4, taking notes of the bugs they need to fix and what other gameplay issues there might be.

At the moment EA are banking that the new DLC “City Life” will improve their sales overall and if this happens we can be sure that more add-ons and packs will be release, and it would also motivate them to give us Sims 5.