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Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, and if you manage to delete an important conversation, or some photos or video attachments from WhatsApp, we have the solution for you. You can get them back using one of these three methods. These methods are available only on the iOS.

The first method to recover deleted files from WhatsApp

You can have your WhatsApp message secured on your own iCloud, so there is no way of losing them. WhatsApp itself does not save your message on their server, so it cannot help you with to recover deleted message.

  1. First step is to back up you WhatsApp message in iCloud. You can check to see if this is happening by going to WhatsApp –Settings-Chats-Chat Backup.
  2. The next step consists of uninstalling WhatsApp. Before you install WhatsApp again check if your phone number is correct. After doing this you will get the option to restore your chat history. Tap on the option to do that and your deleted messages will be recovered.

The second method uses the help of your iCloud Backup

  1. You need to access your Settings on your phone. The process should look like this Settings-iCloud-Backup. Before doing anything else you need to make sure iCloud Backup is activated.
  2. Now all you need to do is use your “Set Up Assistant” notice to restore your messages.

The third method uses the iTunes Backup

If you backed your iPhone data to iTunes on a regular basis, you won’t have any problems recovering your deleted WhatsApp messages.

  1. Tap on the iTunes app to open it, tap on the iPhone icon and then select Restore Backup
  2. All you have to do now is select the backup file that contains your WhatsApp message and click the Restore

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