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Due to the reported decline of the Pokemon Go online mobile game, its creators at Niantic has finally responded and they are going to release an update. However, no real details were revealed to date. The company gave only hints so far. Here are some of the expected updates.

Rumored Updates

Fans of the famous Pokemon Go game were really wondering what the update is going to be. For the most part of the update, it should involve some new evolutions for the existing Pokemons as well as to the new ones.

Another key feature for the upcoming update is the introduction of trading system. Generally, it has been proven a success for many titles already. This is the method of communicating from one player to another and do business. However, the technicalities might remain unknown as of the moment.

Meanwhile, the Legendary birds are also expected to arrive in the upcoming update, which will be introduced within the 3 teams of the game, including Valor, Mystic, and Instinct.

New Features

Pokemon Go creators have really felt the decline in their sales, so they might have decided to revamp their methods. One of the things that they have done is the addition of the Android wear support for the Pokemon Go app. This is actually a wearable technology that works just like the version of Apple Watch. Another new feature might arrive to the scene, which will involve PvP battles, as this holds true for many players that they want to do battles with others in the game.

Release Date

Based from a reliable source, the most feasible date for release of the new Pokemon Go update will be sometime in 2017. This was announced after Niantic released 2 new features in catch bonuses and a more structured gym system.