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Thousands of people are still playing Pokemon Go and the various updates released by Niantic have added new content to the game; these updates have changed the game in ways that have affected how well the game runs.

Third party developers have commented that the latest updates for Pokemon Go have caused issues in the game itself; according to them, the latest updates have caused the game to become slower and to drain battery life at a much faster rate.

While there seems to be some issues with how the game runs, there have been no comments made about noticeable changes to the data usage levels. Pokemon Go has always been known for needing a lot of data to play outside of free W-Fi zones but the exact amount has never been made clear.

One report stated that running the game for eight hours a day would need around 20 GB of data for a 31 day period; most data plans only include around 2-4 GB. Considering most players only play the game for a few hours a day, there is no way that the game needs this much data to work. If this data estimation is still the same then playing for four hours per day would still require 10 GB per month which is still much more than standard data plans.

There is no clear answer to how much data the game needs to work but it certainly looks as though regular players use a large amount of data per month by just playing the game. Most long-term players of the game should move to unrestricted data plans to have longer play sessions each month; when Niantic adds more content to the game, there will be many more reasons to have longer play sessions again.