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Whenever you want to buy something new the best thing to do is to inform yourself about the product before buying it, especially when you want to buy an electronic device, being high competition market producer have to lower their prices and increase their performances. Here you will be able to see the differences between Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and MacBook Pro 2016.

Release Dates

The rumors are saying that Apple will release the MacBook Pro 2016 the next few days in Cupertino, California at the Apple event. There rumors as well about the release of Surface Pro 5, that should be released around the Spring of 2017.

Overall Aesthetics

The MacBook Pro will have some big desing changes. The biggest design change is the new body it will have. The new body design will be considerably lighter than the older Macbook, it will also be slimmer and thinner. MacBook Pro body design will still look like the clasic design of a laptop. Surface Pro 5 will have a removable screen and keyboard, MacBook Pro will not. Rumors are suggesting that the MacBook pro will not have a touch screen, unlike the Surface Pro 5 that has touch screen enabled since the first product in its line. MacBook Pro will have the Touch Bar, which will be touch-enabled but it does not come any close to the Surface Pro 5 regarding touch screens.

Another plus that the Surface Pro 5 has over Macbook Pro is the digital pen they will receive. The pen helps the user to be more precise. Apple products that come with digital pens are only the iPad Pro, and not Macbook Pro.

Both of the devices will have multiple ports, MacBook Pro will have four USB Type-C ports according to rumors, the ports are compatible with Thunderbolt 3. We are expecting Surface Pro 5 to sport the same ports, while rumors do not specify this. Regarding processors, they will both have the same processor. The latest Intel Chip, the 7th generation of Kaby Lake processor, but the performace might vary because they will not use the same speed grade on the chip.

The MacBook Pro price will be between $1000 and $1700, the price may vary because the RAM and internal storage space has not yet been announced. The Surface Pro line usually goes at a cheaper rate, that’s why the Surface Pro 5 will more than likely be priced between $900 and $1600.

To keep in mind is that these products run on different OS, the MacBook Pro will run on the macOS and the Surface Pro 5 will use Windows.

If you are used with windows products you will not have any problems transitioning on a tablet if you choose to buy the Surface Pro 5, but if you are looking for a design resembling a laptop, and a secure OS, MacBook Pro is the choice.

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