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For the more than 1 billion WhatsApp users, this messaging app still remains to be the most popular despite the recent private policy changes and the updates that some critics are skeptic about. The question being asked is if the WhatsApp update worth it.

If you have been a WhatsApp avid user, chances are, you might have felt a little doubt, especially with the new privacy policy of sharing the profile data of WhatsApp users to Facebook. But after the company explained that this was done to improve the services of both WhatsApp and the popular social network, the skepticism dwindled.

Updates are important because there are new features added to the app and at the same time, the bugs and glitches of the previous version are fixed. And in terms of the change of the privacy policy, users still have the last say. They can opt-out from the change by simply pressing a button in the terms and conditions attached to the update. A “Read more” option is at the lower part of the screen and the user can simply deselect the box allows the messaging app to share account information with Facebook.

As for the WhatsApp update version released recently, cool features where added the user will enjoy, such as, front-facing flash, multi-message sending and the exciting new camera features for the Android that is similar to Snapchat. These camera features are very similar to the latter that user can add emojis, edit the photo or video and draw on it. Sounds familiar? With the new update, it’s like having WhatsApp and Snapchat in one.

Indeed, a WhatsApp update is worth it. In the concerns of security, it’s best to download the updates from Play Store or directly from the WhatsApp website.

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