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Viber is one of the most popular Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOip) application among mobile phone users, iPhone and Android owners. It is an app that lets users chat and send messages to other Viber users, make video and audio call, send images and stickers and now, even share Viber messages.

In May 2016, Viber for Windows 8 was released. Just like Viber for smartphones and iOS, Viber for desktops allow users to send free messages as well as make free calls to other users of Viber , be it on another device, network and country. Other Viber features include video calls, text, photo and sticker messages, transfer of ongoing call between devices and best-quality HD voice calls. With Viber desktop, connecting to other people is now possible even if you do not have your mobile phone with you, so long as you have internet connection and you have downloaded the application on your desktop. For people who are fans of celebrities, they can also follow Public Chats to take a peek on the public conversations of celebrities and other personalities.

Latest Viber Update

The recent Viber update is version 6.3.1 for desktops. The platforms include Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 and 64 bits, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bits), Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac OS X. To download the Viber app to your desktop, it is important that you already have it installed and set on your mobile phone. Once an account has already been created, you just have to enter the mobile phone number associated with your Viber account and press “continue” from the desktop.

Viber and Skype are just two of the most popular VOiP tools among users because these applications allow people to get connected and make voice calls for free. Skype is also popular but with one setback. The user has to sign up to use the service and create its own contact list before it can be enjoyed. With Viber, setting up an account is easier and there is no need to add contacts since the app syncs with the mobile contact list.

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