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Apple has released the final build of iOS 10.1, after a short beta period. There are new features that have been tested during this time and Apple made sure that users won’t encounter any problems when using them. The only feature that is still in beta is the Portrait mode that’s exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus, which has a dual camera setup on its back. Let’s take a look at all changes and improvements brought by iOS 10.1.

Portrait Mode

This feature was unveiled in September and it was introduced in the first beta of iOS 10.1. It’s available only on the iPhone 7 Plus because it uses it uses the two lenses to sense depth and its technique makes the subject sharp, while the background is blurred. When taking the picture, you will need to take a few steps back and let the feature zoom on the second lens, while the screen will “tell” you to move farther or closer, so that between you and the subject will be the perfect distance. Remember that this feature is currently in beta and you may experience bugs.

iMessage Has a Replay Bubble

If you receive a message with a full screen effect and want to replay it later, there’s a Replay button that you will find under message bubbles. The animations will be played with the same effects every time you tap that button. Until now, users weren’t able to play messages with effects with “Reduce Motion” enabled, but iOS 10.1 gives them the possibility to choose to auto-play messages while this setting is ON.

Wheelchair Run and Walk Pace

Apple encourages people in wheelchair to be physically active and in iOS 10 and WatchOS 3.0 it introduced manual wheelchair fitness tracking, to help them track their fitness goal. The new iOS 10.1 version brought new options to the list: wheelchair run and walk pace.

Extended Transit Support

Users who live in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya have received extended transit support in Maps for trains, subways, ferries, local bus systems and national bus lines.