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The popular “Half Life 3 Confirmed” meme may finally be ending in the next few years as new reports are emerging about the most anticipated game of all time. The new information being released certainly hints that Valve is working on a new Half Life game however, there has been no confirmation that this is the game that gamers have spent over a decade waiting for.

DOTA 2 was recently updated and as per usual, fans of the game scoured the games coding as they searched for any secret hidden information about what will be coming in the next patch. This update seems to have included a piece of code that seems to refer to “Half Life Virtual Reality”. The actual piece of code says HLVR but other information seems to confirm this.

Reports starting from earlier this year state that Valve and HTC have been working together to create a new game for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset; the HTC chairwoman has previously stated that they were working with Valve for a new Half Life game. She did not state that this was Half Life 3 however.

Current rumors about Half Life 3 suggest that Valve is looking to release a new game to celebrate the 20th anniversary in 2018. If the developer was working on a new game then a release in 2017 or 2018 would certainly seem likely.

Valve has not confirmed anything yet of course and all information so far doesn’t specifically suggest Half Life 3 but it does point towards a new Half Life game.