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There have been several reports that Grand Theft Auto’s next game – GTA 6 – is being placed on the backburner so Rockstar, the game’s developer, can continue its focus on Grand Theft Auto 5. That’s not to say, according to the reports, that GTA 6 isn’t being worked on, it’s that the team is still focused on the fifth game of the installment.

Prior reports suggested Rockstar canceled GTA 6 altogether. However, it appears, in this latest round of information that it will be some time before the GTA series actually sees another game version.

There have been other rumors about GTA 6, including that a release of 2018 to 2020 was possible – going along with the next generation of consoles. That release date would coincide with the current rumors about GTA 6. It means developers are working on it right now but are taking their time to finish it up.

It’s believed Rockstar is dealing with two key projects at the moment. According to a fiscal report from 2K, the company is dedicating its time to high sales rate projects, and since Rockstar hasn’t worked on many series other than GTA, it’s suggested that GTA 6 is one of them games. However, it could also be Agent or Red Dead Redemption.

There’s been no official word from Rockstar about the GTA 6, so there’s no clue really as to what is happening with it. It’s all just rumors and speculations.