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The new version of Google Play seems to be doing better than the older version. Android operating system is very huge right now, every day the number of people that use it is increasing, and the majority of smartphones that are being released come with the Android OS. And the most used app on Android is the store, Google Play to be more exact.

Google Play is an essential app for the Android operating system, using Google Play users get to personalize their phone contents. Not everyone likes to use the same apps, everyone selects their application depending on their personal needs. Users might enjoy different games, and other life style applications, for example if you are a runner you can get an application that measure the distance you run, or if you like to see what movies come out in cinemas you can get an app designed to do that for you.

Google Play Store offers so many different apps for Android users, and this is one of the reasons that the Android operating system is getting a bigger fan-base every day. It gives users the option to fill their devices memory with games and music of their choice, Android users can even download their favorite books on their devices or movies and TV shows. And this is the main reason why many retailers associated themselves with the Android brand, because the reach it has regarding customers.

The new features that Google Play Store version 7.1.13.l-all APK for Android

  • New official market applications for Android;
  • Android integration in the market;
  • New applications and also games will come out to the market.