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The Google Play Services 9.8.77 has just been released for devices that run on Android OS. However, before we will tell you more about it, let’s talk about the service itself and what it actually does.

The Google Play Services is an integral part of the Android eco-system and it is a crucial factor when it comes to the customer experience of the Android OS. Well, it seems that the developers have worked on the new version of the Google Play Services and it comes with some new features.

The Google Play Services 9.8.77 update will allow you to fill in the phone numbers that are associated with their account with a single tap in applications that are using the “Credential API. In addition, you will notice that you will be able to customize the style of mini controllers.

In addition, the Google Fit application on Android OS will now able to read the fitness goals that are set by you. This can be done thanks to the new Goals API that has been introduced to the application. The new Google Play Services 9.8.77 also comes with hands-free support for Nearby Message, meaning that you will be able to exchange messages between two devices without having to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

We remind you that Google has “muted” the Nearby Notifications feature back in September 21, 2016 and it seems that it was not re-enabled on the Google Play Services 9.8.77. However, according to reports, this feature will be re-enabled sometime in the near future.

The latest Google Play Services version for Android OS also comes with performance improvements and bug fixes. We remind you that the Google Play Services 9.8.77 version is updated in a phased manner and it can’t be sideloaded. In other words, you will have to wait for the Google Play Services 9.8.77 OTA update to be released for your device.