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When Google launched their Nexus 7, three years ago, they changed the tablet market. Nexus 7 showed that a tablet can have good specifications and a reasonable price at the time. The Nexus 7 gained a lot of fans, and there was a lot of hype around it. Three years have passed since and people are expecting Google to release a successor to the Nexus 7. At the same time Samsung is bringing in profits with their line of tablets, and people are expecting the Galaxy Tab S3 to drop at any time.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The coming months should be when the new Galaxy Tab S3 will be released, and it will features that are taken by the success of the S7 device. The processor will be powered by the Snapdragon 820 chip, or the Exynos 8890 chip, both of them being great chips. There are speculations saying that the chip will be placed under an AMOLED screen, with a size of 8 inch or the 9.7 inch model. There are rumors that point towards a 4K display, which will be a great feature to a tablet.

Nexus 7 Successor

Rumors are saying that Google will partner again with Huawei and release a new tablet until the end of the year. There are not many details out there about the soon to come tablet, there are only some rumors about the display. The tablet is supposed to have a 7 inch display and a memory of 4GB of RAM, but there isn’t any information regarding processor. The Nexus 7 successor might not be branded as a Nexus because Google is looking to rebrand their gadgets for some time.