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Pretty soon, Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones won’t be the only ones proudly carrying the Nougat 7.1 OS. Before this month ends, those who have signed up for the testing program and use Google Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, or the Pixel C Tablet will receive the latest Android beta version. The stable version for those models, as well as for the Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, Pixel and Pixel C, is expected to come in December of this year.

These mobile devices are one of the few who will join the elite club of Nougat 7.1 carriers as most Android-dependent smartphone and tablet makers are still scrambling to roll out the 7.0 version to their respective units. This means that other than the Nexus and Pixel models, other Droiders will have to wait much longer until they can enjoy the exclusive features of Nougat version 7.1.

One of the new features you’ll get to access is App Shortcuts, where you can press and hold an application icon to quickly jump into specific actions. This is like the 3D Touch feature Apple users got with the iOS 9 update. It was introduced during the Nougat beta program, but was scrapped. Luckily, it has been reintroduced and app developers can create up to 5 shortcuts for their 7.1 versions.

Another great inclusion will obviously be the Daydream VR mode. There is also fingerprint gestures, where swiping down will pull down the notification shade, and swiping up will close it. Android updates will also be installed automatically in the background on a separate partition. It will swap partitions so you can use the new updated version when you restart your device.

It seems like Nexus and Pixel users have a lot to be excited about. Well, if you’re device is expected to get the Nougat 7.0 update, then you should be excited too, because others are not so lucky and will have to be contented with older versions of Android OS.