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If Supercell wants to keep up with its reputation for releasing updates twice each month, then we most certainly can expect another batch of improvements this October. Remember that the second update meant for September was released only earlier this month, so the COC developers have some catching up to do. Aside from that, Halloween is coming soon, and as most apps are riding on the season for spooking, it won’t be surprising if “Clash of Clans” will also release their own share of tricks or treats.

Another reason why fans of the game are implying there will be another update for this month is because of the reported leaks for new content from Supercell. There have been interesting photos posted online of a shipwreck presumably in the COC world. Rumor has it that players will have to repair the ship in order to collect gold. If this is true, this will be a new feature in the game, and perhaps similar to the submarine experience in “Boom Beach”.

There have also been reports about leaked content involving pumpkins, which could mean a Halloween update is definitely in the works. Other additional new features could be temporary ‘skins’ and new items.

It seems there was also leaked content for the Red Event, where a Red Barbarian King, a Red Archer Queen, and a Barbarian King Statue for 500 Gold are reported to be included.

Of course, all of these are just speculations because there has been no official statement from Supercell as of this moment. But COC players are keeping their faith in the game developers, mainly because “Clash of Clans” has mostly been consistent in updating twice a month. While waiting for formal word about another upgrade, you can enjoy trying out the Friendly Wars feature that was introduced just several days ago.