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The October balancing update for Clash Royale has just been released and the full patch notes have now been made available on the official website for all players who want a more in-depth look at the changes.

Supercell has addressed the popular “Giant + Poison” strategy by nerfing the Giant yet again; this troop has had another 5% HP reduction. In addition to this, the Poison will no longer slow movement or attack speed which completely changes how it can be used to control zones.

As expected, the Elixir Collector card has been adjusted slightly to make it more expensive to use. It now costs 6 Elixir to play and will reward players with an 8 Elixir gain along with a lifetime that’s been extended by 10 seconds. It makes this card slightly more risky to play but also offers a much higher reward.

Two other aspects of the game have seen some changes with this balancing update. The Log has been buffed slightly to increase the damage it deals by 9% and to also increase the distance it can travel. Players will also notice the changes made to the Skeleton Army; the cost and number of Skeletons have been decreased slightly but the level of the Skeletons summoned has been increased slightly.

Some minor changes were also made to the Golem and the Ice Golem; the Ice Golem received a bug fix that was preventing it from damaging flying units with its death damage. Golem fans will be pleased to see that this troop has been updated to damage flying troops also with its death damage.