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Chromebooks seem to be in booming popularity right now, with a large number of people being more and more interested in this intriguing alternative to classic laptop PC’s. For those that are not familiar to Chromebooks or this detail in particular, the devices are based around Google’s Chrome and operate almost entirely in an online environment. The latest version of the Chrome OS which is used to power up the Chromebooks is Chrome OS 55.

There a few things different in Chrome OS 55, that can only make the whole Chromebook experience better:

Web bluetooth is a feature that is relatively new. The uses for this type of feature are as of yet still In development, but some that will pop up involve retail and advertisement, as it will allow retailers to promote their business and/or products to nearby Chrome OS using devices. You could see interaction points between businesses and customers through Chrome OS in places of mass population such as tourist attractions or local landmarks.

Chromes OS 55 also incorporates elements that have to do with VR implementation at a browser level. Considering how popular and in demand VR (virtual reality) products are, such as the ones developed by Sony or HTC, it might be a huge step forward if they succeed in bringing this type of technology to browser level. The tricky part is doing it cost efficient while preserving a certain quality and realism to the experience.

Other features include an improvement of the overall experience of a Chrome OS based device, meaning that there are Android apps coming in OS 55, as well as performance features that will facilitate the usage of memory within your device. Predictions speculate a decrease of up to 50 % of memory usage as of the going live of Chrome OS 55.