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Rumors suggest that the next Call of Duty game will be for the popular Black Ops sub-series; the Black Ops series has become one of the best series in the Call of Duty franchise and is due for a new game. The last game to be released was in 2015 and if developer Treyarch intends to follow their previous release patterns then a new game should be released by 2018.

An email leak earlier this year revealed that Activion and Treyarch were looking to create a new game in the Black Ops series; the email titled the game as “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Retribution” which suggests this will be a direct sequel to the previous game. This has not been confirmed however so it is possible it will be an entirely new story with emphasis on getting revenge or justice for a crime.

The leaked title doesn’t provide much information and it’s possible that they will change the name before it’s released. Black Ops games are usually released with a two year interval which makes 2017 the perfect time to release a new game into this sub-series; if the game is planned for a 2017 release then gamers should not expect to see any official news about the game just yet.

Activision usually announces new Call of Duty games just before the start of E3 in June; so players should expect to see news about the next game in the franchise in around 6 months time. For now, Activision is keeping all details about the future of the franchise secret. There has been some suggestion however that a virtual reality Call of Duty game could be in production.